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Right Path – providing fun, engaging resources and activities for students, teaching staff and anyone who supports students’ learning.

You can use Right Path activities to help your students understand the choices open to them and
support them in their decision-making and then afterwards in the planning and completion of their
chosen learning programmes. They provide insight into the demands of new and possibly unfamiliar
modes of learning and are relevant to a wide range of programmes including GCSEs, diplomas,
apprenticeships and foundation learning.

Right Path Activities:
Our products support students practically at key transition points and also teachers, tutors, advisers and parents in their roles as guides and facilitators.

Help students make well-informed, realistic learning and career decisions
Support them throughout their chosen programmes
Support work-related and functional skills learning
Provide practical toolkits for teachers, tutors, advisers and parents
Provide research tools that assist in targeting support

Prices for these activities start from as little as £29.99. We are also very keen to discuss with you how the products can be used more strategically

Take a look at the fun, engaging activities we offer.

To request further information on any of our products or activities for schools, or if you require a customised learning solution, please feel free to contact us - we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and ideas.

Ideally suited to a wide range of programmes including GCSEs, diplomas, apprenticeships and foundation learning...

The key strengths of Right Path:
Can be used ‘stand alone’ or as a coherent range of integrated activities that support students at key stages in preparation for and during their learning programmes
Practical, engaging activities that are ‘bite-sized’ and fit naturally into the timetable
High quality design and branding that students find attractive
Very flexible in the way they can be used
Easy to administer

As ‘bite-sized’ activities of up to 2 hours each, you can use them face-to-face with your students in class. Students can also access elements of them online and guidance and support for teachers is also available online. All have been successfully trialled in the classroom.

They have been designed to:

Help students manage their own learning
Stimulate personal learning and thinking skills
Tailor programmes to individual student needs
Develop personalised programmes
Be used flexibly
Be easy to administer
Offer options for you to develop topics further as you see fit
Be used by new and established groups on collaborative programmes
Help you gain greater insight into students' concerns and needs,
enabling you to target support most effectively.

Right Path products have been used very successfully with class groups...

Students have used the following words to describe the activities:
Challenging … Adventurous … Knowledgeable … Better informed … Engaged … Intriguing … Interesting … Lively … Fun … Enthusiastic … Clever … Got me thinking … Started discussion … Active … We were all involved … Fun … Inspiring … Practical … Exciting

After the first session the teacher commented:
I do know that the students really enjoyed themselves and both tasks did require them to think for themselves which is what the diploma is supposed to encourage.

And after the second:
The students again really enjoyed your session and found it useful.